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The Great Inventions of the Old Ages That Shaped Our World

Veliki Izumi Starega Veka, Ki So Oblikovali Naš Svet

Ancient civilizations laid the foundation for many technologies and innovations that we take for granted today. We present to you some of the key inventions of the old age, which had a fundamental influence on the formation of our world.

A bike

The first known invention of the wheel dates back to 3500 BC. n. No., during the Copper Age, in ancient Mesopotamia. This seminal invention opened the door to important innovations in transportation and agriculture, including carts, carts, and mills.

A letter

A letter is one of the most important means of human communication. The first forms of writing such as cuneiform appeared in ancient Mesopotamia around 3200 BC. n. no. The letter made it possible to record history, laws, scientific knowledge and literary works.


Layering or pottery was one of the most important innovations of the Neolithic revolution. The first known ceramics were shaped by hand until around 6000 BC. n. no. the pottery wheel appeared in the Middle East.


The Bronze Age, which followed the Copper Age, was marked by the use of an alloy of copper and tin to make a harder and more durable material. Bronze was widely used to make tools, weapons and sculptures.

Star navigation

The ancient Egyptians were masters of star navigation, which they used to navigate the Nile River. This knowledge had a significant impact on the development of navigation systems that we still use today.


The Romans designed a network of aqueducts to ensure a water supply for their growing city. These impressive structural achievements made it possible to transport large quantities of water over long distances and had a significant impact on modern engineering.


The first known clocks were sundials from ancient Egypt and Babylon, which made it possible to measure time with the help of shadow movements. The development of clocks led to more accurate tracking of time, which enabled greater productivity and coordination in society.

Each of these inventions has had a profound impact on our world and are great examples of the human spirit of innovation throughout history. Each invention laid the foundation for further innovations that led us to the world we live in today.

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